| Matthew Walker

Audio Producer, Music & Sound Designer, Audio & Music Editor.

"Matt is a massively talented audio creator whose scores and audio production work always perfectly capture the mood and tone we aim for.

He understands the development process well and rapidly adapts work flow: a consummate professional." 
Peter Willington, Creative Producer @ Auroch Digital

My work as a music designer, sound designer, and professional vocalist has been recognised worldwide whilst the clients I work with are some of the biggest in indie game development - with shipped titles across PS4, PSVita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms. 

I was lead audio producer on Games Workshop's 'Dark Future: Blood Red States' and Steve Jackson's 'Ogre', both with dedicated communities in their millions. I engineered all vocal recording sessions for the hit indie-smash, Bertram Fiddle (episode 1 & 2) whilst providing award winning work on the multi-honoured short film 'Vicious' from director Oliver Park.

Original music and sound for film has earned further nominations and awards from 'Tabloid Witch', 'Wildsound Film Festival', 'Hollywood Investigator', and Southern Shorts - picking up wins for original score and sound design in 'Vicious', and sound design again for the multi-award winning 'Living in Crime Alley' from acclaimed writer / director Rob Ayling.

Within Game Audio, I'm happy to work in-engine using both the UE4 and Unity platforms, reviewing assets, and making necessary amendments: improving upon the audio soundscape.

My sound is characterful and immersive - Avant-garde, Minimalism, Orchestral, and Electronica are all notable influences. 


tabloid badge.png


Best Sound Design

Tabloid Witch Awards



Hiroyuki Iwatsuki Remix Album

PAX East Games Conference





Best Arcade Game

TIGA Awards 2017



Best Original Score

Wildsound Film Festival



Magnus Palsson Remix Album

PAX East Games Conference


Best Short Film

Jamaica International Film Festival

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'Best Use of Diversifyers'

Global Games Jam 2020


Berlin Flash Film Festival

Kiarostami Film Festival




Best Arcade Game

TIGA Awards 2019

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'Best Fan Film'

Oniros Film Awards 2020

'Individual Sound Design Achievement'

Southern Shorts Awards Winner




| 2020

'Shopping Trip' | BWFilm | Soundscape Artist, Sound Design

'Mars Horizon' | Auroch Digital - extended and original soundtrack

'Kaleidoscope' | Auroch Digital - Audio Designer

'Where Are You Really From?' | Audio Director, Editor

'The Bristol Pitbulls Podcast | Editor, Sound Recordist

'Sierra Online' | Orchestral Remix Arrangement - Composer

'Mars Horizon' | Auroch Digital - Audio Designer

'Maersk Drilling | Promotional Film - Location Sound Recordist

'Sick Fighter' | Global Games Jam 2020 Winner - 'Best Use of Diversifyers'

'Revoco' | BWFilm | Location Sound Recordist

'How to Make  a Video Game with Auroch Digital | Season 5' - Sound Recordist, Editor, Co-Presenter

'Funky Punk Music' - Music Coach

'Sebaudio Online Courses' - Creator, Editor, Coach

'Omni Riders' - Audio Designer

|  2019

'The Bristol Pitbulls Podcast' (podcast) - Sound Recordist, Editor

'How to Make a Video Game with Auroch Digital : Season 4' (podcast) - Sound Recordist, Editor, Co-Presenter

'Polarm International' (film) - Dialogue Recordist

'What's Your Motivation' (film) - Sound Recordist, Editor

'Wormhole Two' (album) - Composer, Producer

'Revoco' - Sound Recordist

'ClairCity : Skylines' (video game soundtrack release) - Composer

'The Flourishing Centre Podcast' with Emiliya Zhivotovskaya - Editor

'How to Make a Video Game with Auroch Digital : Season 3' (podcast) - Sound Recordist, Editor

'Living in Crime Alley' (short) - Sound Recordist, Sound Editor

'How to Make a Video Game with Auroch Digital : Season 2' (podcast) - Sound Recordist, Editor

'Mars Horizon' (video game) - Audio Designer

'Dark Future : Blood Red States' (video game) - Audio Designer, Implementation

'8PM : X Marks the Spot' (short) - Sound Recordist

'Why the Brain? Why Neuroscience?' (film) - Sound Recordist

'Minimal Stories' (ep) - Composer

'Wormhole One' (album) - Composer, Producer

'Drones for Coders' (album) - Composer, Producer

'Red Stripe' (short) - Composer, Sound Designer, Sound Recordist

|  2018

'How to Make a Video Game with Auroch Digital : Season 1' (podcast) - Sound Recordist, Editor

'Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics' (video game) - Audio Designer

'Island Invasion' (video game) - Audio Designer

'Omni Riders' (video game) - Audio Designer

'Red Stripe' (short) - Audio Designer, Vocalist

'Celestial Piano' (EP) - Composer

'Spring in June' (pilot) - Sound Recordist

|  2017

'ClairCity: Skylines' (video game) - Audio Designer

'Retro Grade Future' (short) - Vocalist

'Ogre' (video game) - Audio Designer

'One: the movie' (feature) - Composer

'Somewhere Between Now & Then' (short) - Composer

'The Key' (short) - Audio Editor

|  2016

'Autarky' (video game) - Music Designer

'Colour Break' (video game) - Music Designer

'The Sonic Show' (YouTube) - Composer

'My Language is not Knowing' (short film) - Composer

'Harry the Piano' (event) - Producer

'The Rising' (short) - Composer, Actor

|  2015

'Chasing Paradise' (short) - Composer, Actor

'Vicious' (short) - Audio Designer

'Pipe Panic' (video game) - Music Designer

'Dark Future' (video game) - Music Designer

'Neon Fiber' (short) - Music Designer

'Last Days of Old Earth' (video game) - Music Designer

'Bertram Fiddle EP2' (video game) - Dialogue Recordist

|  2014

'Culling' (short) - Composer

'Jack the Ripper: Shadow Over Whitechapel' (video game) - Music Designer

'Super Plummet' (video game) - Music Designer

'VGM Awesome: video game radio & podcast' (broadcast) - Composer, Presenter, Producer, Editor

'Mech Mania' (video game) - Music Designer

'Track Heroes' (video game) - Music Designer

|  2013

'Incision' (short) - Composer

'Goldenoff' (short) - Composer

'Jurassic Bay' (short) - Composer

'Stopped Motion' (short) - Composer, Actor

'Summer of Sonic' (event) - sound designer, vocal recordist

'28 Sundays Later' (short) - Composer, Actor

'PayPal Battle Hack' (event) - Composer, Sound Designer

'Jungle Rampage' (video game) - Music Designer

'Bertram Fiddle EP1' (video game) - Dialogue Recordist

'Extinction: Patient Zero' (feature) - Audio Designer