My work as an Audio Designer, Sound Recordist, Music Producer, Composer, and QA tester have been accredited with highly recognisable dev studios and brands, with those clients I work with being some of the largest in indie game development - with shipped titles across PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC platforms. 

My soundtrack for Games Workshop's 'Dark Future: Blood Red States' was featured as part of the 'Warhammer - For Your Ears!' community, with an audience in its millions, alongside industry-heavyweight-composers such as Cris Velasco, Sascha Dikiciyan, Paul Leonard-Morgan, and Jesper Kyd.

Similar to that, my original score for Auroch Digital's space-race sim, 'Mars Horizon' topped both the Steam Best Seller and Trending charts for three weeks in Q4 2020, topping above titles - 'The Outer Worlds', 'Manifold Garden', 'Cloudpunk', and 'Hades'.

I engineered all vocal recording sessions for the hit indie-smash, Bertram Fiddle (episode 1 & 2) whilst providing award winning work on the multi-honoured short film 'Vicious', which was later featured as part of the anthology TV series 'Strange Events'.

Original music and sound for film has earned further nominations and awards from 'Tabloid Witch', 'Wildsound Film Festival', 'Hollywood Investigator', and 'Southern Shorts' - picking up wins for original score and sound design in 'Vicious', and sound design again for the multi-award winning 'Living in Crime Alley' from acclaimed writer / director Rob Ayling.

Within Game Audio, I'm happy to work in-engine using both the UE4 and Unity platforms, reviewing assets, implementing, and making necessary amendments: improving upon the audio soundscape that we can build together.

My sound is characterful and immersive - Avant-garde, Minimalism, Orchestral, and Electronica are all notable influences.


| 'Stegosaurus' - Award of Excellence, Southern Shorts Awards.

| 'Vicious' - Best Sound Design, Tabloid Witch Awards.

| 'Vicious' - Best Original Score, Wildsound Film Festival

| 'Sick Fighter', Best Use of Diversifiers, Global Games Jam 2020

| 'Living in Crime Alley' - Best Fan Film, Oniros Film Awards, Individual Sound Design Achievement, Southern Shorts.


| 'Iwadon' - Hiroyuki Iwatsuki Remix Album, PAX East Games Conference.

| 'VVVVVV' - Magnus Palsson Remix Album, PAX East Games Conference.

| 'Shopping Trip' - Berlin Flash Film Festival.


| 'Sound Hero' - Game Dev Heroes

| 'Laser Disco Defenders' - Best Arcade Game, TIGA Awards.

| 'Chasing Paradise' - Best Short Film, Jamaica International Film Festival.

| 'Dark Future: Blood Red States' - Best Arcade Game, TIGA Awards.