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#1 Steam Best Selling Soundtrack.

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

My original soundtrack for Mars Horizon, the space-race sim by developer Auroch Digital - topped the Steam #1 Best Seller and Trending chart.

At first this flew right under my radar, but as time has gone by, I've come to realise how important a release this is.


Well, considering how many games [and their accompanying soundtracks] were released around the same period in which Mars Horizon was released [not to mention the greater amount seen throughout the year], it's a staggering achievement to not only have seen the Mars Horizon OST top the chart, but REMAIN there for the duration of time that it did really does say a lot for the appealing design that I created.

Comprising x13 pieces [or tracks], this album is a deeply evocative work that taps into the emotions of the people - the people that are impacted by the loved ones travelling into space, working within environments of high risk, the family left behind to watch, not knowing if they'll return. Telling further stories of astronauts that perhaps knew of a mission fault, and thus drift into space, having done 'their bit' for humanity, but ultimately this is where their story ends.

The triumph of returning home, that 'slow-motion walk' having touched back down on home turf, to be greeted by family, as they wrap their arms around you.

The soundtrack sat at the top of both charts for close to three weeks, beating away very strong competition, at a time when strong releases were being distributed.

I'm no wordsmith, and feel it's an understatement to say that I was simply thrilled by this achievement - but I really am thrilled, it's taken me a little time to fully grasp this news. Just the mention of Mars Horizon and its soundtrack instantly reminds me of what went into 'that' soundtrack, and the deeply tied lines woven into its musical landscape.

Whilst the next project will be vastly different from Mars Horizon, I'll no doubt feel the weight of my own pressure in delivering a follow-up original soundtrack that maintains the interest and creative flair shown by its predecessor.

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