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TT | Zoom H6 Extras : APH-6

This blog post is the first in a new sub-series of bloggings whereby I'll lend a 'Top Tip' from experience across my work in video games, film, and podcasts. 'TT' is far-cooler-sounding, so this sub-series will be referred to as such moving forward.

In previous blog posts I've alluded to the peripheral accessories you can arm yourself with, adding to your arsenal when working with the Zoom H6 handy recorder. Without a shadow of doubt, all beginners with the H6 should absolutely grab themselves the Zoom APH-6 accessory kit.

"Whilst not cheap, but certainly not financially crippling - this is an essential kit addon".

As mentioned before in the 'Out of the Box' blog post, whilst not cheap, but certainly not financially crippling either - this is an essential kit addon - that you'll almost immediately make you dollar back for saving on AA batteries, with the inclusion of a power supply.

Of course, this will depend upon the recording that you're carrying out - if it's sound design, it's more likely you'll be going down the battery route, but for stationary recordings where you can set-up-shop, this'll prove it's worth in gold.

| AD-17

The AD-17 detachable USB power supply, adds further convenience for the ease of storage and packing- the USB lead acts as an additional data transfer cable (additional as the Zoom H6 already comes complete with one by default), for archiving your recorded assets, ready for post-production.

Super easy. Super handy.

| Dead Wombat

I've heard this piece of kit referred to many times as many a different thing. Hairy Windscreen is the official Zoom title - grey fur ball, Little Wig, there are loads more I'm sure.

For me, it's always been a Dead Wombat, which is an unfortunate name like the rest, either way - this doesn't discount it's worth from your kitlist.

Recording outside whether there's wind of not, it's essential that this hairy critter (I might start a new trend of calling it that, like the 80's horror flic), be applied as once that wind is baked into your recording - it's tough to fully remove without compromising the quality of your audio.

This addon allows for wind and breeze to pass through it's hairs, keeping the mic and audio safe, and contained.

| RCH-6 Remote

This is the best part of the bundle.

I've never felt the need to purchase an additional remote for anything before - but when recording audio, this little beast is incredibly handy.

It's minimal, meaning presented are only the buttons that you need - and once recording you can safely stow away in a loose pocket, without fear of the H6 unit itself ever being tampered with. Of course you have all the same interface buttons on the H6, but the more solitary the unit is kept, the better consistency of your recordings as the main handling bulk is being conducted elsewhere.

Alongside this 'TT' series, it's sister series will be the 'T3', three tips I've found invaluable when either breaking into the games and film industries, or indeed beginning a podcast of your own.

See you in the next one!

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