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One of the most engaging things that freelancing in audio offers you, is the opportunity to flap about the place and apply yourself to varying areas. Of course, you wouldn't really want to spread those wings too thinly, as you want to remain a specialist - but one of those avenues I've found myself skipping down quite regularly, is podcasting.

Now, I sung from the rooftops the really cool work being done by Auroch Digital with their 'How to Make a Video Game' series and of course the games themselves - that they develop, in fact I've hit some killer notes with that tune ;) - but in this post, I'm going to sing from the hymn sheet of positive psychology, and Emiliya Zhivotovskaya's 'The Flourishing Centre' (TFC).

'The Flourishing Centre' trains the change-agents of the world, allowing them and those they coach to thrive.

| A positive space

We're all aware of the world in which we live. It's often a dirty, and murky place - where information overload can lead us to a state of negativity - which can manifest itself physically.

Emiliya and TFC are dedicated in helping individuals and organisations to thrive through innovative training programs, coaching, and consulting. The mission is to uplift the human condition by empowering people with skills and tools to achieve happiness and well-being.

I've dropped the name a couple of times now, but Emiliya Zhivotovskaya deserves some spotlight. Emiliya has a Master's of Applied Positive Psychology, and is currently working towards a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine. Her work with The Flourishing Centre is grounded in science, with true and tested practices that are known to improve well-being and heighten a positive mindset.

| Podcast form

TFC aims it's ambitions high by publishing two episodes per week on Wednesdays and Fridays. Each episode is themed with a focus on live coaching, research articles, practitioner interviews, and life hacks - where small and sometimes quirky changes can make the biggest of differences. My role in all of this it to edit the delivered content together into a cohesive listen, removing any noise pollution as best as I can - there's an attraction towards the hubbub of New York City where TFC is based, but there isn't quite enough space for that ambience in this recording unfortunately. Sorry Big Apple.

| Sebaudio kit list

Gear for this adventure outside the norm (Cubase 9.5 Pro, Shure, BOYA, and Rode mics), my Deverberator was a massive help as removing ambience from the recordings delivered to me was an immediate task. Whilst you can't remove that ambience entirely, you can limit it to a minimum that's barely noticeable - alongside some EQ tweaks, there is a happy balance to be found here.

The ACON Digital 'Deverberator' is a powerful tool to lessen unwanted ambience and reverberation in recordings.

I've been playing with my Neutron Mix Asst quite a bit, and this tool is striking me as something incredibly powerful - technically yes, but moreso for it's ability to speed up workflow. It's super easy to use, and once it's gained an idea for levels, EQ, and compression, you're free to amend to your ears liking, and then render out. Job done.

| Next Up...

I've been blogging loads it seems about podcasting (perhaps whenever that's mentioned in the near future, I'll implement a fog horn) - but next week I'm returning to music. After all, that's my original trade, and I've recently invested in the Spitfire Symphony Orchestra library, which I'll be debuting in an original piece, that I'm aching to get out of my system. It's unlikely this piece will be finished in time to feature within that blog post, but it'll be started and I'll be banging on about it ;)

Hey look, you've made it this far again - really well done. Another high five perhaps? Nah, go out and grab yourself a box of Lucky Charms instead. You've earned it.

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