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So, last week - I did it. I hit the button and launched the 'SEBAUDIO| think_tank', an alternative and experimental sorta podcast that looks to talk about projects, workflow, gear, games, and my experiences with them all. I could so easily have overthought every aspect of what to include in this podcast, but gah! I fought with myself to keep this simple, keep it short, and keep it honest.

A performance, this is not - it's a little deeper than that, and the episode recordings come out, as they come out. They're story driven, and inspired by my work with Auroch Digital on 'How to Make a Video Game' and 'The Flourishing Centre'. Now with the launch behind us, each of my Sebaudio episodes will be released fortnightly on a Friday. Seemed like a good day to publish something like this.

Sebaudio | Think_Tank is an alternative podcast from Matthew Walker, talking projects and the experiences surrounding them.

| It's those galaxy vocals again

Now, Marketing and Community Manager @mattlosvert "blessed" me with the nickname of Galaxy, and strangely that's something that became a spark plug for how my Sebaudio episodes are delivered vocally.

Given the chance to speak live, I'll likely splutter and stutter, and that's okay - but in this instance where I have a degree of power to present something fresh, something that I'll look to add to and develop - I felt compelled to write and script the episode dialogue. I just felt that my story driven point could be better delivered that way, spoken slowly and calmly at my own pace.

| Let's begin at the beginning

I wasn't about to 'pull a Lukas' and begin with episode IV, so beginning with a semi-origin story felt right, and was a smashing opportunity to jump in my DeLorean and go back in time to where I carved an opening into the games industry. I could write all the deets into a blog post couldn't I? But then, I'd be missing out on the powerful and accessible platform that is podcasting - PLUS, I'd be giving all the golden chunks away without encouraging a listen - go on, ignore the next paragraph if you like and hit up episode 1 'Slugging it for a Kickstart, I'm totally cool with that ;)

| Sebaudio kit list

As always, my trusted Cubase 9.5 Pro was my DAW compadre here - the pro version really opens itself up to more than just a music production tool, it's a solid audio workbench. Many of the plugins and processes I might use run parallel to music production anyway, so there's a great cohesion between the two. My home project-studio is well dressed to eliminate as much noise pollution as poss, but with help from a Deverberator, Neutron Mix Assistant, and a Shure PGA48 Dynamic Cardioid mic with its almost minimal rear pickup - all make for a great support team of tech arms.

| Next Up...

Staying with podcasting in what feels like a blogging mini-series right now, next week I'll be talking about my work with public speaker Emiliya Zhivotovskaya and The Flourishing Centre. This is a podcast and positive psychology organisation that I'm really behind and in support of. Emiliya and her team do tremendous work in actioning positive change, giving individuals the chance to shine and thrive. The work they do is really quite brilliant, and very uplifting. Plus my galaxy vocals make a cameo...

Congrats again on making it to the end of this blog post - go on, high five yourself. You've earned it.

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