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Updated: Aug 21, 2019

I never quite understood the fuzz surrounding the reveal of episode titles for some big budget HBO series, or Netflix original (here's looking at you Stranger Things). Having said that, I'm totally riffing on that theme by blogging a little about my new alternative podcast which I'm launching this week - revealing some of the episode titles for spice, for buzz? Hype?! I dunno, it was good for Stranger Things so I'm rinsing it.

Sebaudio | Think_Tank is an alternative podcast from Matthew Walker, talking projects and the experiences surrounding them.

| Same Voice, Different Format

Now, off the bat - I have a great amount of thanks to give to Auroch Digital and The Flourishing Centre. I've been working with them both on their respective podcasts for a short while (within which you may have heard my voice), and it's that experience where I was able to cut my teeth a little, and develop some confidence to hence forth with my Shure PGA48 and DAW in toe - recording some stuff, and talking about some things.

| Oh yeah... titles

EPISODE 1 | Slugging it for a Kickstart

EPISODE 2 | Free to Choose Lance

EPISODE 3 | I am the Net

EPISODE 4 | Muddy the Rules

EPISODE 5 | Be William Without the Wallace

EPISODE 6 | Yoga Sound

EPISODE 7 | Go Micro

EPISODE 8 | Still Feel that Fuzz

At the moment, this is the order but adaptable change is something I keep in a pocket at all times (next to my Pixel 3A and chewing gum).

There will be small followup titles to explain what each episode is about, but this'll be revealed when each episode is published. I quite like the slightly ambiguous main title - it's fun to be dramatic like that.

| Sebaudio Kit List

My DAW? Cubase 9.5 Pro using Izotope plugins like Neutron, aiding in mixing and bringing out clarity across its EQ and Ozone stereo widening tools. The Exciter and Multiband Gate tools are valuable too.

Mics. My twin Shure PGA48s and Rode Condenser are my go-to, I also have a trusty BOYAPVM1000 shotgun for a more direct sound, this mic also has a built-in low cut feature which has proved itself super useful, especially on location shoots.

I learned a lot when recording for Auroch Digital for their great podcast. The recording environment was challenging and forced us to be resourceful, of which I absorbed that experience and am psyched to apply it to other areas of my work.

| Next Up...

The next blog will likely be about the podcast again linking you directly to where it's being hosted - that'll be Podbean, it's a great platform.

Thanks for making it this far, next time I see or work with you - remind me to dish out a high five ;)

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