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RELEASE | Dark Future: Blood Red States

This is a game I've been aching to talk about for some time! I was thrilled to be audio producer on Auroch Digital's and Games Workshop's 'Dark Future: Blood Red States (DF) - WHICH IS NOW OUT!

| Getting 80's with it.

To it's core, DF has that preconceived synthesised sonic voice running through its exhaust pipe - this is something we wanted to harness and breath new life into, along with the feeling of being a wasteland badass. I didn't' want to over complicate this soundtrack, it needed to be steady, strong, and with a sense of purpose.

That purpose is needed to 'drive' home your intent whilst out in the big empty, fulfilling your contracts, and taking out the scum of the new universe as you go.

| Becoming Dynamic.

This was our first opportunity to work dynamically within the DF's soundtrack, not so much in a musical sense, but more breaking up the track composition into layers of intensity - so that as combat increases with difficulty, the in-game music becomes more animated; hyping up tension and 'badassery'.

This was accomplished over 4 layers of intensity - a base layer remaining constant throughout, then 3 further layers that perfectly sit on top of the base layer. All this whilst remaining musical tight and colourful.

| Sebaudio kit list.

During my initial work on DF in 2016, I used VOPM to map out of the sonic palette, before then fleshing out those ideas with Native Instruments' Massive, Factory, and Reaktor. These combined made for a great trio that complimented the audio direction we were seeking.

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