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Updated: Jul 18, 2019

For me, freelancing is to be adaptable - recognising where changes need to be made, and being resourceful in learning new skills that tickle priority first.

So it was with the above in mind that I decided to keep with brand but apply a freshness to my mothersite that best matches the audio department that I now offer.

I like the purity in the colour scheme, that allows for emphasis to remain with the more important elements of my new look site. The parts that house the 'kewler bits'.


There's lots to be excited about, across main project work and the the bits I do alongside - I'll list some standout parts, skipping straight to the chase...

The world is aware of the well received release of Auroch Digital's adaptation of Games Workshop's 'Dark Future: Blood Red States (available on Steam right now). It's proved quite the blast with original fans and new one's all the same.

Blow cars up, reload, blow more cars up - IMO, Dark Future's gameplay is utterly magnetic.

OTT weaponry, outrageous looking vehicles that have the capability to spoon feed some beautifully poetic moments - play and you're totally get me ;)

Staying with Auroch Digital, the studio are putting in the hours to bring you something fresh again in the shape of 'Mars Horizon' - a strategy puzzler where you take control of Mission Control, and aim to get humanity to Mars first! Brand new screen below...

Research tech, launch missions, and get humanity to Mars before anyone else in this space-race strategy puzzler.


I'm also putting some deserved emphasis on sound recording. As a service, this is something I began testing towards the end of 2018, and have been really encouraged by my abilities to find and deliver this kind of work. Plus (and quite frankly), it's really quite refreshing to get outside, and be a part of a crew, working on something that at the moment is a welcome alternative to continue my craft, and apply new techniques and knowledge to my passion that is game audio.

Me, a boom pole, and a ZoomH6 recording with BWFilm on location.


I've always tried to maintain a consistent run of releasing new music each quarter. So far in 2019, I've released 'Drones for Coders', and the two-part EP 'Wormhole One & Two'. All receiving good numbers of listens.

Looking ahead further into 2019, two further confirmed releases are UWE's PlayWest 'ClairCity: Skylines: original soundtrack', and 'Piano Collections' [working title]. These albums are well underway in production, and I'm looking forward to finally getting them out there.

After that, I can finally begin work on my original Ukulele EP, apologies in advance @mattlosvert ;)


I've also found great form in podcast editing, finding this to be incredibly insightful - editing 'How to Make a Video Game with Auroch Digital', and also working with positive psychology and Ted talk guest speaker Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, working as audio editing chief for New York based The Flourishing Centre.

This'll be something I'll continue to spec into, together with (drumroll...) launching 'The Sebaudio Think_Tank'. An alternative podcast that looks to chat shop across projects and workflow, but also tap into some of the stories behind the experiences.

The Sebaudio Think_Tank is a new podcast, that is alternative and insightful.

Whilst working with Auroch Digital and The Flourishing Centre, I've been steadily growing in confidence with each edit and recording session. I'm at a point now where I feel that I have something to say and a motivation that feels interesting to me, and hopefully some listeners. This podcast will launch in July 2019, and will be delivered thereafter on a fortnightly basis, every Friday.

Blogs too, I'll be publishing new blogs (short and punchy, not like this one) every Wednesday.

More soon - thanks for reading!

Sebaudio out.


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