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Updated: Jun 6, 2019

I was flattered to be invited for interview by the brilliant due that is Will Helliwell and Lloyd Tranter of the ComposerCast podcast. They were wonderful in welcoming me onto the show where we talked at length about my approach towards composition and how I balance this work with other areas of audio, diversifying my department. You can listen to the episode HERE or by clicking the image below...

| Different Project: same same but different approach.

This podcast interview was a great opportunity to talk about how I approach projects - how I keep a clean mindset, and cleanse my creative palette without burning out.

The short of it is that I use a combination of mindfulness and organisation to see these two things together. I'll always approach a project from the off by doing nothing for a day, well no creative work at least - simply reading the brief, studying the reference material and allowing the grey-matter in the back of my brain to begin building the framework for my ideas moving forward.

If I were to start creatively off the bat, the likelihood is that this will be wasted time, as I haven't allowed myself to digest the project enough just yet.

| Sebaudio Kit List.

The Sebaudio kit list in this regard is space, silence, and patience - in reading and digesting that brief, really getting to know it, and understanding where the sonic palette needs to go.

That's it. No fancy VSTs or colourful plugins - just a clear mind and a good idea.

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