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Updated: Feb 25, 2020

It's been a great start to 2020 - this reason alone is for the apologetic lack of blog postings in recent weeks. However, I'm super glad that this is the 'fist' one since the last one.

This past weekend I participated in the 2020 Global Games, an event whereby in teams, you hack together a video game in just one weekend, 48 hours.

So, that's exactly what we did...

Me on audio.

Sam Ibbitson, 2D art.

Owen Rees, programming.

Josephine Lewis, 2D art.

Jason Raval, programming.

Elsie Oakwood, narrative design.

Working within this team was an absolute blast and pleasure.

Before going on, you can view, download, and play the game HERE.

Also, here's a far better synopsis than I could ever have come up with...

"Sick Fighters is a high-stakes medical simulation game that'll test your skills in both Karate and Human Anatomy. Assume the role of DR. LEN PLASTERS, the top A&E physician at Hadouken Hospital (and 9th place regional karate champion) and save as many patients as you can. Match the right moves to perform a life saving combo on the patient, but get the combo wrong and you'll both take damage! If you're unable to heal your patient in time, your patient will flatline and the game will end."

The event and site that I participated at was run by the Bristol Games Hub, at the Bristol VR Lab. More specifically with the strings and organisation on the day provided by Nina Collins and Constance Fleuriot. They were both brilliant in keeping teams informed, fed, hydrated, and entertained.

Cheers guys!

| 'Sick Fighter': an original title... :S |

Clearly, if you've dun a bitta vidya gamin', then you'll recognise the sprites. Our game was a spin on the iconic 'Street Fighter II'. The theme for the jam was 'Repair' - we were tasked with building a game centred around this term - the ability to interpret is widespread, and completely up to the dev team.

Sam and Jason were tremendous in discovering ways to include the jam diversifyers, optional additions to your game that force your development hand - warping your idea into new territories, and forcing further restraint / possibilities on the projects shape. We actually walked away with the 'Best Use of Diversifyers' award because of this imaginative work.

Below are a bunch of raw screens from throughout the games 48 hour development cycle.

And that's what it's all about: limitations.

| A Necessary Evil |

Working in audio inevitably brings sizeable gear, and in the past I've worked remotely thinking that to be the better endgame. Now though - I'll not work outside of the GGJ environment. Ever. Being apart of that atmosphere is inspiring and intensive - a great way to hone skills and have a blast doing so.

I'm super proud of what I produced in the allotted time, and with the self-imposed limitations. I produced from my laptop, using a stripped version of Cubase, limited track numbers, a singular VST instrument, and the best of it was that I produced this soundtrack using only the keyboard available on my laptop - no MIDI controller, no musical instrument in which to input notes on the fly. Proper music sequencing.

Below is everything I used. That's it. Loved it.

The soundtrack was fun to put together, I'm thinking of fleshing it out a little and releasing it - I feel like I'm saying that a lot right now, saying I'll release something new, more so than the actual releasing of new material. This is a nice challenge to have - 2020 has thus far been excellent, and that's how I like it.

More dev images below...

See you in the next one!

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