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BACK ON BOOM | with BWFilm

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

I recently enjoyed another great film shoot with Barry Wilkinson of BWfilm. Of course grabbing great audio is of the utmost importance, but one of the great things I love about being a sound recordist is the 'gearing up', and getting out into the field as part of a crew.

| Different Shoot, Same Challenges

The first hurdle of any shoot is 'what am I contending with?', and 'how can I eliminate that before I even hit record?' - not everything can be solved in post.

Often, an ambience or specific sound element can be made part of the shoot, if given context. However, almost always, we're wanting to create a controlled an environment as possible. Much of this can be tackled by simply turning appliances off if poss.

| Sebaudio Kit List.

As a sound recordist and audio nerd in general, it's often very easy to litter outselves with gear, so to combat this I try to be as lightweight and convenient as possible, without compromising the quality of my onset recording.

I've long been a fan of Zoom handy recorders for my sound design work, they're very versatile and powerful units. The Zoom H6 has been my interface of choice for some time now, and will likely remain until project specs require me to adapt.

The BOYAPVM1000 is a very cost effective shotgun mic that I'm a fan of too. It's built in low-cut switch is super handy.

| Expand the Discipline.

Ever since expanding my discipline into sound recordist territory, I've found great enjoyment from this way of working - adapting to the differences in challenge and interacting with crew members and clients in this manner offers a different kind of reward.

Plus, simply getting out and away from my studio is often very good for head space - which in-turn only improves my workflow across all projects.

I mentioned on a podcast interview recently though that whilst expanding within your own discipline is often very fulfilling, you mustn't spread yourself too thinly though as that can prove detrimental.

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