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DARK FUTURE: OST | It's out there.

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Before I go on, 'Dark Future: Blood Red States' gameplay makes for the bestest of gifs. It's true.

Dark Future gifs make for some of the best.

This game, it's development, the lessons learned, the dev team, the studio, it's soundtrack, everything about it - will go down and live long within me.

I was first approached about Dark Future way back around late 2015, early 2016 - the game and it's soundtrack changed quite a bit in that time, but what we have now is a personified, and glorified dirty sounding musical bucket of stylistic aggression - and I love it. We worked dynamically with this soundtrack, adopting a vertical layering technique, so that varied layers of composition cut in-and-out, depending upon the intensity of combat.

Recently, I was so utterly humbled and touched to be tagged and featured in a 'Warhammer Community' article, alongside some of the video game industry's most established composing names. You can read the article here if you fancy it. Together with this article, the Auroch Digital soundtrack saw its release on Spotify. Available right now!

Whilst that article was gathering steam, I wrote a Twitter thread about the ideas contained within the soundtrack and it's particular sonic brand, and theme.

I've been assisting with Auroch Digital in the production of their popular podcast too, and in this we cover the development cycle of the game. You can listen to one of these episodes here. So much behind-the-scenes intel.

| Jeepers, is it fun to play |

I've played Dark Future so, many, times! It's great because every play-through never feels the same, there are tonnes of upgrades and ways to kit out your vehicular-wrecking-machine, and 'splowdin' up enemy cars is just, so, satisfying! The gif below has you popping in and out of 'Command Mode', where time slows to a crawl, allowing you to map out the strategic carnage you're about to unleash.

'Command Mode' is a standout mechanic in Dark Future.

Weirdly, I've found myself listening to the Dark Future OST whilst performing admin based tasks, odd because I don't normally mix well with 'busier' soundtracks when trying to concentrate - but that there is the main lesson learnt from my time on the project. Providing what the game 'needs'. Dark Future's more strategic repetition allows for trance (not the genre), a moment to think, a moment to believe you can do something, with time being measured - with a very specific, sonic identity to establish too.

This project allowed me the chance to learn a vital lesson here. I'll never forget it. I love this game.

See you in the next one!

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