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Two notable conversations struck me in 2019. One with a colleague about building an online brand, and the other with a bricklayer, explaining the delicacy it takes to correctly format the layout and layers of a good sturdy wall.

Combining these two ideas led me to thinking more about how can I broaden Sebaudio, tapping into coaching, audio packs, and online courses. The latter being an immediate focus out of the three alongside project work.

My recent blog posts have offered a platform of sorts to begin tapping into these areas, and I've taken a lot of confidence from the received feedback. Keeping content consistent in its design, and thinking about its placement within Sebaudio is crucial in establishing the idea of one singular voice that offers a collection of packages available to interested audiences.

| Sebaudio Online Courses |

There's a plural in the title above, and it's absolutely the intention to create a series of courses available online via Udemy throughout 2020. This does and will hinge upon what it essentially a 'pilot course' though, centred around working with a digital orchestra, workflow tips, and generally achieving a primer understanding of working all within a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). In my case Cubase 9.5 Pro.

This won't be a hugely extensive blog post, more a 2020 statement of intent - but one thing prevalent in indie game development is the importance of player-based feedback. Building a product with the voice of a community behind it will help to tailor the content from the start - I'm adopting this notion within the courses that I design, and hope to create a course series that informs, proving itself to be fun along the way.

I've always found the element of 'fun' to be so powerful. If you're enjoying whatever it is that you're doing, your brain opens up and absorbs information better than it would if you weren't.

The pilot course is intended to be a 15 episode course, with digestible sub-topics within, stretching from DAW introductions and navigation to achieving a convincing sound with digital orchestral samples. In this case working with Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra - I wrote a blog post specifically about this library in the recent past.

Anyway, as mentioned, not a huge blog post today - but felt compelled to unveil what's happening in the near future.

See you in the next one!

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