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BEING FREELANCE | interview.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

I made it a little 2020 mission to appear on more podcasts this year. I had been listening to 'Being Freelance' for a short while before I had the radical idea of reaching out to their founder Steve Folland.

And after a short pending wait - I was invited on! I actually couldn't quite believe it. The Being Freelance online community is pretty large, and very active - and to now be a part of that audio landscape, well... I'm chuffed.

You can listen to the episode HERE if you fancy it. It's a very digestible length, short enough so that you're not going to miss out on your current Netflix show, but long enough to last you a cup of tea and a biscuit at least ;) - it's also available across all your podcasting platforms.

In the episode we talk about...

| How I got into freelancing

| Managing that empire with full-time work when starting out

| Making that transition

| Workflow

| Projects

And also a fun little 'two true, one a lie' game at the end (which I bossed). i was especially looking forward to this part of the episode.

It was so fun to appear on this podcast. Steve and his team are super friendly, and attract a whole manner of specialist guests, across many varying disciplines, across the globe.

| Just Reach Out |

If you've ever felt like you have something to say, and want to do this appropriately on a respective podcast then, just reach out to them. I've grown quite accustomed to this tactic now - worst case scenario, you receive a "no thanks we're good" response. From my experience podcasters are super nice and immediately warm in conversation.

Subscribe to some newsletters and there's bound to be a podcast out there that suits you - simply drop them a line.

I think at some point, I'll blog about ways to begin freelancing - or at least the methods I adopted when starting out. There's loads there to talk about.

See you in the next one!

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