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BE READY | never be without kit.

I'm always that guy whom receives and welcomes the banter for always being equipped with headphones, and some way of recording - at the very least by way of my micro Roland.

I'm totally cool with this.

There are just waaaaaay too many opportunities to record something you hear when travelling somewhere, and you have no idea as to the impact that one newly recorded element could have on an asset, ambience, or other sfx in your library.

This is why I stay as prepped as I can be, even when I'm supposed to be travelling light. I've experienced so many occasions when I've captured something that's ended up being a staple texture in the asset I'm designing - these times have literally had me cackling like Scar in the above gif.


I have so much recording gear that it just wouldn't be practical to carry with me at all times (unless I have a rucksack embodied with the mystery as do those within the Fallout universe).

At the very least I'll carry with me my Roland R-05 Micro. It's an excellent recorder for the price, recording at the desired kHz and sample rate consistent with everything I ever hit the red button for.

Often, the element that I've recorded will largely go unnoticed by players, or an audience - but I know it's there, and without it that one asset (for me), will forever be lacking that transient, or layer that my EQ thanks me for.

Or course, there isn't much 'going out' at all at the minute, but still - even at home within my studio, that rule applies. There is always a device sat waiting patiently, ready to be called upon at a moments notice.

There are tonnes of handy recorders out there that'll quickly prove themselves to be valuable acquisitions to your audio arsenal.

I can't stress this tip enough.

Stay safe.

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