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AD PODCAST | season five.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Podcasting it seems is more important than ever right now - keeping us informed, delivering tips, and keeping us entertained. The Auroch Digital podcast has been going from strength-to-strength since it's 2018 debut, and with each new season and episode, the creative minds within AD keep producing great content, available to gamers, academics, and nerdy nerdz.

The Auroch Digital podcast's latest season landed yesterday, Season 5 that is, and it's first episode is great - bringing back design director Dr Tomas Rawlings and creative producer Peter Willington to elaborate upon 'Democracy in Video Games'.


Season 5 also saw the addition of new host, Jemima Crow. Jem aka Crowbar ;), hit the ground dashing, bringing a fresh vocal delivery on 'Red #1', with a tremendous knowledge bank on games, and the industry itself - in her marketing and community manager role within the dev studio.

It was really great developing a new co-hosting 'buddy cop' style partnership with Crowbar - there's tonnes to come throughout this latest season, and I'm thrilled to be able to work with her.

The podcast is largely available via Podbean, but you'll also find it throughout many of your podcasting platforms - there are so many these days!

I've written another post about the making of this great podcast, you can read all about the ins, the outs, and the challenges we faced when pushing the podcast forward. AVAILABLE HERE.

I hope you enjoy this opening episode, for all the latest you can follow AD's Twitter feed, it's very active and everything drops there.


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