Below is a listing of appearances and talks that I've given across game audio and freelancing. Giving back is healthy, and a highly productive way to test different skills and knowledge. Sharing is golden.

2018 - Present.

'How to Make a Video Game'

| Auroch Digital Podcast

I'm thrilled to be editor and co-presenter on this hit podcast.

We highlight game topics and projects currently in development.

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June 6th, 2019


| w/ Will Helliwell & Lloyd Tranter

I was invited onto composer focused podcast, 'ComposerCast'. 

Talking methods, practices - along with a little headspace when working.

PLANNED for Feb 2020

Game Audio South West

| Honest Freelancing Talk

I gave a talk to students and aspiring audio indies about freelancing.

This was an honest talk, about my experience since turning pro.

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PLANNED for April 2020

Bristol Games Hub

| Interview with John Broomhall

I talk with renowned composer and game audio advocate John BroomHall.

Composer of the original Xcom, Pheonix Point, plus tonnes of others.

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